New Malden Studios

Welcome Back For 2016

NMS | Pavement A-Board

Happy New Year to all studio users, and a warm welcome back for 2016! I hope you had an amazingly relaxing festive break with friends & family, and didn’t put on too many extra pounds!

The website has been updated for the new year. I have added a page on all the classes available here in the heart of New Malden, and a timetable showing all regular bookings too. If you already train here, why not see what else is happening at your local studio. Variety is the spice of life!

I am also slowly chipping away at improving the public profile of the studio. Our first pavement A-Board is now out on the High Street (as shown in the picture above), pointing people to our little cosy haven of physical training. For those who don’t like the look-at-me showmanship of the big gyms, I hope you can come and join one of our small-group classes soon.

All the best, and see you soon.


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