New Malden Studios opened in January 2005. Since then we have been helping local fitness coaches, martial arts instructors, yoga teachers, pilates teachers, dance instructors, stunt people, and personal trainers by providing convenient, cost-effective and well equipped studio space.

Our Ethos

We fully understand that health & fitness professionals are usually self-employed small business owners.

Practicing, teaching and sharing is often something done more because you love your art, than for pure financial gain – we know this because we’re teachers too, and share the same ethos as you.

We recognise that hiring space in gyms, leisure centres or large specialist studios can often be prohibitively expensive. This increases your costs, forces you to raise prices, run bigger classes, and makes your services inaccessible to those on lower incomes. This is not what our profession is about – health is for all.

But what if you could hire specialist local training space, with rooms containing everything you need for tuition, or your own personal practice, for a low fixed hourly rate? This is exactly what New Malden Studios offer, plus you can advertise your classes & services here, and become connected to a much wider community of like-minded health & fitness professionals.

Why Hire New Malden Studios?

Here are TEN reasons why you should consider hiring our facilities:

  1. Teaching at home is a good option, but not everyone has dedicated space – and it’s not always appropriate to bring clients into your personal domain.
  2. Parks and open spaces can be awesome, but our weather is not always kind, and so such training can be very seasonal.
  3. Not all clients are comfortable training in a shared facility or public location.
  4. Renting community or church halls can be cheap, but usually you only get a bare room and zero equipment. Such spaces are more suitable for larger classes than for small-groups or personal instruction.
  5. Teaching in gyms or leisure centres (if you can get in) usually means expensive room hire. Again this is more suitable for larger classes.
  6. Offering personal instruction from many commercial studios often means charging a very high hourly rate to your clients, mainly due to the overheads of the studio itself. Your student is actually paying for the space, not for your expertise.
  7. Using a small specialist studio makes you look far more professional than teaching at home, in rooms above pubs, in open spaces, or in church halls.
  8. Our cosy facilities make your clients feel welcome. It’s a far more personal service than going to a large corporate leisure centre.
  9. We build personal relationships with all our clients. You are hiring from a person, not a corporation.
  10. Our great high street location means that ALL local amenities, shops and transport links are available directly before, or after your sessions.

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