New Malden Studios is owned by Lee Paul Heron, a professional martial arts instructor of 30+ years experience. His arts are Kung-Fu and Escrima, and he uses the space to teach small-group classes and private lessons in martial arts each week.

Private tuition in Escrima is available for adults at all levels of ability, during the following days/times.

Time / Space Activity Contact
Studio One
By Appointment
Lee Paul Heron
07799 642 802

Please contact Lee if you wish to book an introductory session.

About Lee Paul Heron

Lee is a professional martial arts instructor who started training in 1989, aged 15. Initially focused on unarmed arts, he developed a passion for weapons training in 2001 at a seminar delivered by Grandmaster Rene Latosa in the UK.

Lee spent two years attending all remaining UK seminars with GM Rene Latosa, then a further two years attending regualar workshops run by Grandmaster Bill Newman, then a further eleven years as a private student of Grandmaster Steve Tappin of Escrima Concepts.

For ten years between 2006 and 2016, Lee taught two weekly Escrima classes across Surrey & South-West London as a qualified representative of the Escrima Concepts organisation. In 2016 some unforeseen health issues for a member of his family meant time constraints, and resulted in the decision to pass his weekly group classes to his senior student. Lee continues to train, practice and share his Escrima knowledge privately to individuals and small-groups.

Escrima is a great choice for personal self-protection. Because it teaches you to use and understand ALL hand weapons (including makeshift ones such as your mobile phone), it is a good self-defence option, and ideal for anyone who is concerned about their safety on the streets of our cities.

Start training with Lee via or 07799 642 802

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