New Malden Studios was historically very popular with Yoga teachers, who commonly hired our Studio One for their small-group classes, and Studio Two for one-to-one instruction. Pre-lockdown we were running up to eight classes every week in the space – now we are back to five and slowly climbing back!

If you teach Yoga and would like to hire New Malden Studios to run your sessions, or teach 1-2-1, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our space is ideal for personal development, as it allows for excellent interaction with your teacher. If you are interested in joining a class, please contact the instructor directly using the details shown below.

Time / Space Activity Contact
09:30 – 10:30
Studio One
Power Yoga
Adult Group Class
Emma Darwish
07973 989 427
Time / Space Activity Contact
11:00 – 12:00
Studio One
Beginner Yoga (Cantonese)
Adult Group Class
Toto Ze-to
07568 768 948
Time / Space Activity Contact
10:00 – 11:00
Studio One
Hatha Yoga
Adult Group Class
Shermin A.Ali
07968 864 775

About Toto Ze-to

Toto started teaching at the studio in September 2022, and currently runs one class here each week via her yogawtoto brand.

ToTo Ze-to (Yoga)  | New Malden Studios

It all began with the pandemic lockdown: To stay healthy, Toto kept practising yoga every week, and soon every day. Her love of yoga has turned into a passion. She strived to enhance her practice by completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Windie Chan in Hong Kong, followed by YACEP Teacher Training on Yoga Wheel and Aerial Yoga. Toto started teaching Yoga part time in 2021 after her graduation from the University of Hong Kong. That’s when she found her passion in teaching and decided to make yoga her career and lifestyle choice.

With a light-hearted teaching approach, Toto’s class can help you relax and achieve mind-body connection. Her classes, which combine vinyasa flows and restorative poses, focus on balance between strength and flexibility. Follow @yogawtoto on Instagram for the most updated class information.

Book Toto’s class via @yogawtoto or 07568 768 948

About Shermin A.Ali

Shermin starting teaching at the studio in July 2016, and currently runs one class here each week via her Shermin A.Ali Yoga brand.

Shermin A Ali (Yoga) | New Malden Studios

Shermin’s Yoga journey began in 2010, with a six-week course in Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama. This was the start of a life-changing experience, and since then her daily practice has built her self assurance and given her the confidence to accept herself as she is – in body and soul. She says: "I have and am still learning to be true to myself, because only then can we find peace within ourselves to be able to touch the lives of those around us."

Shermin’s class is a 1-hour Sunday morning session of Hatha Yoga, suitable for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced students.

Book Shermin’s class via or 07968 864 775

About Emma Darwish

Emma started teaching at the studio in April 2016, and currently runs one class here each week via her YogaReef brand.

Emma Darwish (Yogareef) | New Malden Studios

Emma originally trained in performing arts, specializing in music and dance. She has spent almost two decades writing and performing music for voice, piano and percussion. Yogareef is a culmination of years of training and experience from music and movement disciplines, with the intention of helping people connect to their movement and creative expression, to promote, strength, connection, healing and joy.

Emma’s class is a one-hour morning Power Yoga session, and it has always been extremely popular with the busy folk of New Malden.

Book Emma’s class via or 07973 989 427

About Katie Moncaster

Katie was the first Yoga instructor at New Malden Studios, and still teaches classes and private sessions here on a regular basis.

Katie Jean Yoga | New Malden Studios

Katie has trained with The British Wheel of Yoga and TSYP ( The Society of Yoga Practitioners) and follows the tradition of Krishnamacarya and Desikachar. She graduated from YTTC Yoga Teacher Training London in 2015 and is on the faculty at Mahala Yoga Independent Yoga School (Anatomy and Physiology Module)

Katie invites you to come share her popular classes to discover the powerful healing and rejuvenation that Yoga brings. Not only on a physical level, but also for your overall well-being, which will spread into all areas of your life.

Book Katie’s classes via or 07827 002 000

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