New Malden Studios are located in a tall building on the New Malden High Street. Our front door opens onto an entrance lobby, with stairs up to two landings, then up to the two main floors of the building. Please contact us or come visit if you need to check access for potential users with impaired abilities.

Please note there is no wheelchair access, and a total of 42 steps from street level to the third floor studio spaces.

Starting from the entrance, our layout and facilities are as follows:


Entrance to New Malden Studios is via a push-button entryphone system by our front door. Access handsets are located on each floor. Your students buzz for entry, you lift the handset, identify them, and let them in. This ensures your classes are safe, private, and nobody can wander in unannounced.

Lobby & Bike Storage Areas

Directly behind the front door (mind the step) is a small lobby with space for up to five bikes, plus additional storage on the two small landings beyond. Please note that although bikes are inside the building, we still advise locking them securely.

New Malden Studios takes no responsibility for loss or damage to bikes on our premises.

Toilet & Handwash

Moving up to the middle landing, you’ll find our unisex toilet and hot water hand washing facilities.

Shower Room

Also on the middle landing we have a dedicated shower room featuring a modern electric power shower, hot water hand washing basin, extractor fans and warm air heating.

Please note that our shower room is a complimentary facility exclusively for use by coaches & instructors, not an entire class. Students usually turn up, train, and go home again, whilst coaches often stay to teach further classes and may need to freshen up in between sessions. Please ensure you bring your own towels and toiletries.

Private Office

Moving up to the first floor, you’ll find a room marked "Private" which is the studio office. If you’re a regular hirer, you may store equipment for your classes here by prior arrangement. Please note a fee may be charged for this service.

Fire Safety Equipment

On the first floor landing outside the office, there are two fire extinguishers and instruction signage. All hirers should read and be aware of their use:

  • Water Extinguisher (Red) – Class A fires only. Use on combustible materials such as paper, wood or fabric. Do NOT use on liquids or electrical fires.
  • CO2 Extinguisher (Black) – Class B & Electrical fires. Use on flammable liquids and high or low voltage electrical component fires.
  • Smoke Alarms – are located on the ceilings in the lobby and the first floor landing. Both are tested regularly. If you hear the smoke alarm please investigate immediately, and follow the fire procedure if a fire is discovered.

In case of fire, please call 999 (ask for the Fire Brigade), evacuate the building via the main entrance and report to the designated meeting point at the War Memorial opposite. Hirers are responsible for ensuring their entire group is safe. Please also notify the studio owner directly.

Lounge Area

Available to all hirers, our cosy lounge features a comfy sofa, several low stools, a coffee table, and a drinks preparation area. There is also a comprehensively stocked bookshelf featuring titles across a wide range of health, fitness, martial arts, philosophy and psychology to keep your clients relaxed and entertained before your session begins.

The drink preparation space allows you to make hot beverages for yourself or your clients. Bring your own favourite tea/coffee, and please note that hirers are responsible for washing up the cups and keeping this area clean for all users.


Included in hire charges and available to all, New Malden Studios has a secure, high-speed Wi-Fi network which may be used whenever you are in the space.

Coverage reaches across both training rooms and the lounge area, with no dead spots. This means you should be able to use streaming music or online tutorials (on Tablets or Smartphones) in your session with no problems.

Training Spaces

Moving up to the second (top) floor of the building, you’ll find both our fully-equipped training studios, and a store of shared equipment to be used by either room.

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