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13/07/2020 – UPDATE

Following updated guidance issued by the UK Government, New Malden Studios is now planning to resume hiring space to our community of teachers, instructors and coaches as of 25th July 2020.

Emails have been sent to all current hirers, asking if they intend to resume their previous sessions or wish to amend/cancel them. This means our timetable will be changing over the coming weeks, as individual teachers make decisions about their classes and future use of our space.

Our website will have the most up-to-date information, so please check it regularly and email the studio if you have questions.

We are also taking booking from new hirers, including those who wish to use our business-grade wi-fi to stream their online classes to the world – something our space is perfect for.

Lee Heron, Owner
New Malden Studios

21/03/2020 – UPDATE

Events have moved on since our original post (below), and revised guidance has now been issued by the UK Government.

Further to this updated guidance, New Malden Studios regrets to inform all clients and users that our space is now CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

We have cancelled all future billing to our group of amazing teachers, and will keep their bookings open so that when the situation resolves, we can all get back to doing what we love with the minimum of fuss.

To everyone who uses our space, please stay safe, help each other, and we look forward to seeing you here again in the near future.

Lee Heron, Owner
New Malden Studios

15/03/2020 – ORIGINAL POST

Coronavirus CoVid19 is currently affecting the health and economy of the world population. As a responsible business dedicated to health & fitness, New Malden Studios would like to offer guidance and support to all users of our space at this stressful time.

Please read and consider the following four points:

1. If You Have Symptoms

If you are displaying the symptoms of Coronavirus, or believe you may be infected, please follow official guidelines and stay away from classes until safe to do so. Although your personal symptoms may be mild, you may inadvertently pass the virus to an at-risk individual, via others, who may not be so fortunate or as healthy as you.

Whilst remaining physically active is important for wellness at all ages, it is also important to consider the needs of others. Please be sensible, keep calm, carry on as normal if at all possible, and self-isolate if that is the right thing to do.

2. Check With Your Instructor

New Malden Studios intends to remain OPEN AS USUAL during this period, and will leave the decision to run or cancel classes to each individual instructor. As circumstances may change daily, please do double-check with your class instructor if your usual scheduled session is going ahead, prior to making the journey to the studio.

Contact details for all instructors can be found on the studio timetable page.

3. At The Studio

If you have no symptoms and are feeling well, please follow these simple guidelines whilst at the studio:

  • Wash your hands before & after your session – hot water hand wash and towels are provided, and we will be changing the towels more frequently during this period.
  • Use hand sanitiser before touching equipment – bring your own if possible, but we will try to provide additional gels in each room if we can source them.
  • Bring your own mats – studio mats are available, but we advise all Yoga / Pilates / Fitness students to bring their own mat, and not to share mats if possible. If you do use a shared mat, remember to wash & sanitise your hands.
  • If you develop symptoms, please follow official guidelines and do not return to training until safe to do so.

We are stepping us our usual cleaning regime, however we also request that individuals take personal responsibility for their own cleanliness and use common sense.

4. More Information

Please visit the links below to read more about the UK Government response to Coronavirus CoVid19, the official NHS guidance, and the NHS 111 reporting service:

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